Building the future of solar energy together!

Achieving more with minimal impact!

We are Faro Energy

We are a B Corp company, committed to democratizing solar energy in Brazil, through photovoltaic projects and actions that drive social and economical transformation in the areas we operate.

Every member of Faro Energy is acknowledged for their expertize and dedication. That’s why we are all proud in being part of this family and the history we are shaping

Business model

We offer to our clients clean, sustainable and low cost energy

No upfront investment

Without any upfront investment from the client, the construction, operation and maintenance is completed entirely by Faro.

Our essence is sustainable

With our solar plants, the customer is guaranteed that this energy is 100% renewable.​

Energy costs control

With solar energy, the customer has total control over their energy costs.

Management is our responsibility

We are responsible for the management and monitoring throughout the process.


See below a comparison that presents all the advantages of being a Faro Energy customer:

Faro Energy Projects

MWp under Construction
tons of CO2 avoided
MWp in Operation

Under construction


In operation



First green bond certified by the Climate Bond Initiative for solar energy in Brazil.
First sustainable bond issued in Brazil.

We are certified as a B Corp Company. Our actions balance purpose and sustainable conduct.

We are Best for The World 2018 in the category Governance.

We are Best for The World 2019 in the category Environment.

We are Best for The World 2021 in the category Environment.

We are Best for The World 2022 in the category Environment.




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Faro Energy, a Modern Energy's group company.
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