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[Event] Iwana sponsor and present at III Foro Panamá Energiá 2015 Conference

Iwana sponsor and present at III Foro Panamá Energiá 2015 Conference

Central American Renewable Energy Forum and III Panama Energy Forum -  September 23-24, Panama City

Iwana Energy assisted Energyear as a content sponsor at the third edition of their Panama Energy Forum, that for the first time had a second day dedicated to renewables in the whole Central American regions, with special sections on Colombia and Cuba.

The forum was a success both in terms of content and participation, with over 100 assistants and speakers that included policy and regulation leaders such as Panama's Vice-Minister of Finance as well as CEOs and board level executives of the leading companies operating in the region.

Jaime Alvarez, Iwana's Chief Partnerships Officer, sat on the Central America Solar Energy panel, providing his view on Private PPAs and acted as Guest Moderator for the full Central American Forum. Carlos Urueta, Iwana's Andes General Manager, was the Guest Moderator for the Panama Forum and the sole speaker for the panel on Colombia.

The two days delivered powerful messages on how, regardless of the current low prices of oil and therefore energy in the region, with the right regulatory framework, there is still a crucial role to be played by renewables on delivering clean solutions for the region's current and future energy needs. Distributed solar will be particularly valuable  in fulfilling not only generation but also transmission needs, in those countries where the regulator is bold on setting clear and friendly policies.